Here’s a bit of me and my story —

I’m inspired by all things creative- artwork, interior design, food, films, music, poetry, quotes- all of it. I draw bits and pieces from each of these influences into my work and I hope that depth really speaks to others.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a very strong desire to express myself through a creative outlet and for a large part of my life this was through theatre. I don’t know when they realized that theatre was a good idea for me, but it probably came some time between the rejection of my dance for the 5th grade talent show to Papa Roach’s song, Last Resort (if you don’t know it, look it up) to me thinking I was a good enough singer to audition for American Idol even though I didn’t stand a fat chance.

I used to take trips to NYC and dream of one day being on Broadway or working for Nylon Magazine, but some years later I moved to Los Angeles and was drawn into to the world of film and photography. I fell quickly for this very special realm of creativity that gave me the space to incorporate my love for the arts with today’s modern love.

I’ve always loved traveling and photography not only gives me the ability to do so, but it connects me to people from all over the world. I love being able to meet all different types of people, who each have a unique story that’s led them right to where they are and with who their with in this exact moment.

Side note: Im a sucker for handmade cards, spicy food and love anything that evokes emotion. The main reason I love photography is because of its ability to completely take you back to a moment in time and bring all of the many emotions and memories that come with it.

My favorite moments are the in-between and candid ones- laughing without a care, crying during a dance, the faces of your loved ones when they see you in the moment- they’re all so beautiful and powerful. It truly is a reward working with each unique couple and learning about who they are, how they met and fell in love and their journey.

My style has been best described as artistic, untraditional and unique and my work has been featured and can be seen on Junebug Weddings, Looks Like Film, BridesThe Knot, Wedding Wire, First & Lasts, Rad Storytellers, Party Pleasers and more.